[Daryl Barnett, m. morgan in Brian MacDonald’s ‘Time Out of Mind”, Harkness Ballet, c.1972]


Begin with his obsession.

He tells me his rights.

His heels dig down.

Her face heats red.

It is power he wants, back-cracking,

locking the air. A plump female

dog is settled close to his feet.

The man’s knees are stiff and ready

abdomen bared,

ribs halted of flux,

arms anything but draping,

palms wide, fingers clenching

air, but long

for the back of her neck–

the weak spot behind her–

the pry of his eyes, nose, mouth.

Her feet widen into the ground

Fury lunges through bones to pelvis, solar plexus,

her  body aligned forges through his steel

air, broadened back sends her lunging arm

to grab the back of his head, clenching hair,

He muffles.

She holds his head firmly.

Her eyes stab his.

He  blinks.

“I win.”

She lets go.


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