Saga Afoot


[Collective Invention, Renee Magritte, 1934]

Saga Afoot

I began with white

ignorant feet,

toes that yielded

like rubber

plushy heels that rolled

to a delicate padded joint.

Then Momma squeezed

my feet

inTo pink slippers.

I danced.

I danced,

folding my ignorant feet.

I got good.

I got proud.

I got hard.

I got loud


Shiny pink blocks

encased my folded feet.

I spirt my commitment i

into pink satin.My feet were wounded slaves

to pink satin.

My feet

engourged, enlarged, enraged


Away I went,

pumping down the beach.

I left impressions in the sands

I thrust into the earth.

Skyful I’d been,

earthbound I’d be.

Soon nothing could enter that tough pad

Just try to put me in shoes.

I’ll leave you

So I left

and I left

with only my feet touching the ground.


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