Eunia’s Coupling

piazza-ditalia-by-de-chirico-1913 [Piazza D’Italia, Giorgio de Chirico,  1913]

Eunia’s Coupling

I hang back detached at day

as workers reticulate my effigy–grid by grid,

scaffolding forms a skeletal shape

and at night I approach.

Now it is mine alone.

Hidden yet in placental black,

This embryonic rack is stacked

against the pitch of night

like a disintegrated mannequin

as a sexless wicker curse on the uterine sky.

Soon it will scratch, bite, claw, brashly

each day to spit upon scrawny ,

firming to unquestionable place

But at night it is mine.

I climb the filigree steel

(a puppet’s mistress) like a mutant puppet scaling cold lace

and then I arrive at my height.

I dangle my legs nonchalant

above ground’s detritus.

My relic lets me in and I sleep

concrete between its ribs.

By day, I hang back


as workers grid by grid

reticulate a skeletall

shape, a scaffolding.

At night, I approach.

Alone it is mine

in placental black.


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