Reading Road Intersection


[not identified, Moise Kisling]

Reading Road Intersection

–mickey morgan


plodding impotence,

somnambulant smudge,


carrying his claim to earth

in a leaking bag of broken shinies.

Surfaces of mirrored chrome approach,

Matchlesss assurance, unflinching,

Vigorous traversing in racing

Fueled engines ascending

By law of green,

Here but already there

Halted by dictum of red red

Unman, afoot, nightwalker

Trailing in green through chrome light

Red red-ended

Chrome’s green time

Your green time is end!

You’re stepping on mine!

Unman awoke. A moment of might!

Imperious damming the ready power

Invincible now and challenging,

Lawful, challenging plod.

A moment already


returning to ebony, smudge of night,

transformed to bedarkening curb,

yielding his zenith, moment of white

to ascending metal urge.


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