Lyn’s Peer

Multiplication of the Arcs, Yves Tanguy, 1954

[Multiplication of the Arcs, Yves Tanguy, 1954]

Lyn’s Peer

god I want a cigarette

don’t look desperate

books, lotsa poetry

cluttered placed

ordered clutter

black file reference


dirty embroidered doily little

nature things on top glazed

rock geode dead

seahorse some other sea thing

craggy pebble stacks of books shifted

and wobbly dancerthin

in that picture paisleydesk set?

doesn’t fit Watteau

Turner Chinese landscape postcard wax

Egyptian bas-relief that kinky doll

saying howdy-doody over it,

must be her boy those three that scrap

Tennessee Williams peek

Tennessee Williams Dies

in his hotel room. His basic

premise, he said was,

the need for under-

standing and tender-

ness and forti-

tude among individuals trapped by circumstances

envelopes bus schedules wire pitch

basket crib attachments? forever

bracelet pins and clips where

the hell does she work? no

room to work god

i’d shove it in a closet

digital clock too.


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