Koyaniscatsi (life out of balance)

Hibiscus and Sparrow by Katsushika Hokusai, 1830

[Hibiscus and sparrow by Kotushika Hokusai, 1830]

Koyaniscatsi (life out of balance)

Coursing in cars through city veins

Red blood, white blood, fighting

Scurrying faster and faster

Spills of blood

So fast; movement without motion

The surface of the earth is mutated

Pocked and crated with signs of man’s possession

Sucked dry of itself, gridded to conformity

Lit to order

Make do in this squalor,

Man, germ of earth, vermin

There is another woman killing herself

And a man who cries for his mother

Take him away

Burning above the blue

Blue falling, dying, simmered,

Particle, part, past

Falling with fire, disintegrating tail of fire

Chutes of metal cool

Burning the walls of  ancient  caves

O, fluttering bird hand,

Here is all you have.


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