I Don’t Do

Mural, Jackson Pollock, 1943

[Mural, Jackson Pollock, 1943]

I don’t do

I don’t do litter

I don’t do chicken legs

I don’t do married men

I don’t do commercials

I don’t do symmetry

I don’t kill ants

                                                             unless accidentally

I don’t do credit


I don’t say politics

I don’t do cows

I don’t do other women’s men

I don’t do money

I don’t do stealing from people

(But from anybody else is ok)

I don’t want to kill weeds

I don’t want to eat more than my share

I don’t want to have more than I have

I don’t want my son to make money

I don’t do toilets, except my own

I don’t do maids

I don’t do lies, except for my blood

I don’t do meat

I don’t eat death.

I don’t do fish.

Sometimes, I don’t do life

I don’t do  guns

I don’t do hate

                                                                  But sometimes it does me

I don’t do swimming in the ocean

Sometimes I don’t do me.

But less and less

Sometimes I don’t call back

Sometimes I don’t do phones

I don’t do rubber

I don’t do Nigerian princes

I try to do sun

I try to do art

I always do books

I always do books

I don’t do fucking

I always do love

I dont’ do diet drings

I don’t do handcuffs

I don’t do police with cocks engorged

I don’t do bosses or supervisors

I don’t do whips

I try not to do greed.



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