calm abiding shamatha path image

[instructions on the path of clearing the mind]


I cut up my credit cards

I want to know what I have.

I don’t want to owe anything.

I don’t want to live better than I deserve.

I start to know what I deserve.

I start to be careful and caring of what I have.

I start to know how blessed I am,

that my food, house,things are accidentally

here, and I am just as accidentally in the midst of them.

They are at arm’s reach for me. For me.

It’s all a kooky quirk that I am placed where I am —

that I eat, drink, sleep well, and just another kooky quirk

that millions of others don’t.

But maybe it’s not all a quirk . . . not just

irrevocable FATE that can’t or shouldn’t be fought.

If so, that means I owe a great debt

to those millions of others.

Can I afford what I owe to the rest of the world?

Can I ever pay it back?

I’ve inherited a great deal of debt

from my ancestors, from my job,

from the country I live in.

I must be responsible.


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