Daughters of Akhenatan

Lunar Eclipse by Scott Kahn, 2012

[Lunar Eclipse by Scott Hahn, 2012]

Daughters of Akhenaten

They rest on mosaic pillows

orange as the chalk of their skin.

Draping chains of lapis lazuli,

gold hooked to neck, ears

hewn plates of yellow flower

down from lobes, eyes sleek

back in black, line

sketched to  oval brain of hair.

The folded limbs of one

bulge her small belly. Her back

curves and she twists to touch

a fragile sister who smiles

in soft bliss

as she leans her legs long;

her braceleted arm, pushing pillows

to conform warmly to her back,

her thighs. One arm lifts

to her sister’s back

and their breasts are free

and their hearts still beat beneath them.


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