Conjugal Commiserations

Modern Rhapsody by Dali

[Modern Rhapsody by Dali]

Conjugal Commiserations

O fine! Your day went well I hope my dear!

And did you find a place to park that’s close?

It can be such a walk! That’s how it goes . . .

But, o my gracious, how unfair and queer

to make you park and trudge throughout the year!

There’s no relief. I tell you, I suppose

my dear, they dare to think themselves the most

deserving men while sitting on their rears

(excuse my English!), loving so to watch

you strain yourself . . . You parked it where? O no!

You what! O stop! I hate it when you stutter.

My god, the car was stolen? Get it, Rog.

you bastard, get it! O I knew it! O

I told you something like this would occur!


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