The Boy

Modern Rhapsody by Dali

[Modern Rhapsody by Dali]

The Boy

mixing noises

my mom my dad pulling a hard rope

between them yanking each other till I think they’ll

fall my pillow is soft and smells good I am loose

on my bed and here is the day the morning my goose

rests up there but he hears and freezes

please let it drop please please

kick it under the bed my belly waves up

something I feel at times like this is a wanting

to be somewhere in a little ball

hidden in a dark corner cover me

let the night come back the quiet

the sleeeping words that stay hidden

in deep places I can put you together

make you kiss, put us together you

won’t you can’t  you won’t stop you could if you’d just say you’re sorry

just say you’re sorry

then we would be ok the way we are sometimes

laughing and poking silly jumps and scriggles

please please I’ll do it I’ll do it

I’ll do my homework I’ll eat all my breakfast

I’ll take my vitamins and brush my teeth

I’ll get myself dressed

very fast and go

to school and be happy

I’ll smile

I’ll laugh at your jokes

yes yes a very good

very good the best



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