Body at Rest

The Moonlight Bed by Jacek Yerka 2002

[The Moonlight Bed by Jacek Yerka, 2002]

Body At Rest

Waving a white flag, I yield

in defeat to protracted wake.

Sinking to bed, I am lost

in pillow smell, surrendering

to billows of white truce.

My left side leans a heaviness. Cool bed hollows go warm.

Intimately they conform to my anatomy. My right arm,

resting on my drawn-up knees, rounds at the girdle of my shoulder.

Indecision clouds the piled-upon left arm.

The clock clicks green refusing to acknowledge my defection,

reminding me I cannot dismiss chunks of minutes,

slabs of hours in this submitting.

Yet my face nestles in

to pliable pillow,

breath slows, bony

pelvis weighs

down, thighs

cross, knees hook

into each other, feet

find provisional

curves that curve

and caress

and carry

and cause.

I have given up.


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