The Aging Queen at her Vanity

Rape by Magritte 1934

[“Rape” by Magritte 1934]


Replete in too much dignity, upright

upon a pearl-pocked chair, the queen reviews

herself–a head of colors, red in speckles,

rosy taffeta in creases spread

in webs along her nose. Two crevices

commence their digging,

trench encamped about the mouth.

Blanch the trenches!

Smear the speckled head with white.

Slip into a Sleeping Beauty sopor

and dream of princes, promising

a yeasty conflagration when she rises.

They’ll dig along the lines of former laughter,

moans–a velvet doughy knowledge of her body–

but can’t return her flown reflection of her virgin self.



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