Searching for the Tenor of the Day

Thoughts that came to me . . .

Karma Life Readings


I have consulted Karmic Tarot cards from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective for nearly 14 years now. While my Teachers stress that reading Tarot cards is not a part of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, I do have permission from my Root Guru to do this practice. My primary reference is William Lammey’s Karmic Tarot, a sound architectural system of correspondences that immediately remove the entire issue of reading Tarot cards out of the occult, and into the reason of a cause and effect universe.

I drew a card from my favorite deck, Druidcast Tarot, and came up with the 9 of Wands, as you can see. My question was simply, what is the tenor of the day.

On a microcosmic level, this would be a day of solitude, a day of much-needed withdrawal from the fray, to heal that left (female side) arm. She is broken. Wands represent the…

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